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Life IS an intentional journey…

The whole idea behind Life IS Publishing is to bridge the divide between Beings and Matter. Time and Space. Places and People. This is done through an elusive flow of words, penned by writers in touch with the soul of the world and all her citizens.
At Life IS Publishing, we aim to spread ideas and messages by stringing together what may seem like random words, one designated piece at a time, each one thoughtfully inserted, edited and reinserted to breathe life to blank pages. Slowly but surely, carefully but confidently, words are expressions to be loved and enjoyed by all.

An Expression

Life IS


About Publisher

Meet Arzu Tunca

Arzu Tunca graduated with a degree in Communications from Marmara University in Turkey, before finding work in advertising. She then started an interactive agency with one of the biggest e-mail marketing companies in Turkey.  When she realized she couldn’t chase her dreams in the corporate world, she immigrated to America with just two bags and started from scratch.

Her purpose is to raise the collective consciousness to create a more loving world and to help as many people as she can. She believes books are an amazing way to manifest her dreams. In the past 9 years, she has followed her nose for many different adventures and now she does what she loves—writing and publishing cause-related books and turning them into awareness campaigns.


Everything we write is in line with our values. These very values are aimed to tell the world stories that will inspire and motivate. We wholeheartedly hope that our words will create a shift in global consciousness and in time, make the world a better place.

Love matters, life matters, you matter.

All the products of Life IS Publishing are an expression of you, which is life, which is our manifestations serving a higher good, elevating life and adding value to existence.

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